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Private singing lessons

Weekly or every other week | 30, 45 of 60 minutes

Singing lessons for anyone with a passion for singing!

My name is Leonie van Veen and I am a professional singer (soprano), certified singing teacher and breathing coach.

With great enthusiasm I share my love for singing and music with others. My singing lessons are all about the joy in singing, the cooperation between sound, breathing and body, and relaxation. The lessons are flexible and tailored to the needs of the student. Together we find a repertoire that suits you. Please contact me for more information or book a trial lesson.

What my students say about their voice lesson

"Leonie has been my singing teacher for a long time and I love her lessons. She knows how to customize the exercises and the songs to fit my body and my voice. I can see myself improving. And I always feel happy after seeing her. If you love singing, no matter your level, Leonie van Veen is the teacher you need!"

Fleur van der Vet

"I always have a blast with Leonie's singing lessons! I take them online, which saves me travel time and suits my busy schedule as a psychologist. Singing is a way for me to relax and connect with my body. Even though I'm a beginner who can't read music, I have a dream of singing Italian opera. Leonie supports me with confidence and humor. She has a gorgeous voice herself, and hearing her sing makes me happy."

Rita van Burgsteden

"Leonie's (individual) singing lessons are professional and enjoyable. She pays a lot of attention to breathing & technique and she listens carefully to your wishes. Absolute beginners who are afraid of singing out of tune (like me), quickly sing with more confidence and pleasure thanks to Leonie. You can take a lesson every week or every other week."

Eva Bakker
Zangles Den Haag

Singing lesson in The Hague or online

I have extensive experience in teaching voice lessons for all levels from beginners to advanced. My singing studio is located in Bezuidenhout, The Hague, and is easily accessible by both public transport and car. The vocal lessons are suitable for adults and adolescents/children from the age of 14.

Are you not located in The Hague area? Have you had a very busy day and don't feel like going out of the house, but do feel like singing? Then consider online singing lessons. Online singing lessons are a great alternative to live singing lessons. At my teaching practice, online voice lessons are used flexibly. You can take full online lessons, or you can occasionally use the flexibility of online singing lessons in addition to live singing lessons. I use FaceTime, Zoom and Teams.

They are excited about their singing lessons!

"The classes are not only fun and relaxing, but also have a direct positive impact on my well-being!"
Review portretfoto
“She really tailors the lessons to me: which exercises are good for my body and which pieces are suitable for my voice. I really notice progress."

"Besides my busy job, the voice lessons are a welcome change. Just a moment of relaxation and working with my body."


"She has helped me not just with my singing but also with anxiety and stress by helping me work on

my breathing"


Classical, musical or pop repertoire

The lessons are completely customised to you as a student, so if you have specific questions or wishes, don’t hesitate to ask. Together we choose the repertoire, ranging from classical, opera,

musical to pop. If you need help preparing a choir part or a song from your band, that's possible too.

Making music together

I have extensive experience teaching singing and coaching singing duos. If you want, you can bring a pianist to the lesson. If you play piano or guitar yourself and want to combine that with singing, I can coach you in that as well. Don't hesitate to contact me!

What do you work on in voice lessons?

My singing lessons are all about the joy of singing and relaxation.

During the lessons I pay attention to posture, presentation, breathing technique, pronunciation of different languages, diction, intonation and purity, expression and interpretation of the text.

Together we work on these various aspects so that you develop a better awareness of your body and learn to sing and speak flexibly with a free and healthy voice.

About Leonie

I have always been fascinated by the possibilities of the voice!

Singing and dancing have been my passions since I was young. I joined a children's choir and took modern and classical ballet classes as a child. Singing brings me joy and I am grateful that I could pursue it as a career.

I studied at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and at the Dutch National Opera Academy in Amsterdam. Then, I performed on stage for many years. I was part of various opera productions and worked as a concert singer with different choirs, both nationally and internationally.

However, being a soloist was hard to balance with my family life. So, over time, I shifted from a full-time concert practice to teaching singing to beginners and advanced students. I have many happy students.

During the pandemic, I discovered that online teaching was also feasible. Moreover, I realized that my skills and experience were not only useful for singing and performing, but also for voice use and presentation skills in general.

Highly recommended and a lot of fun!

"I’ve been taking lessons with her for months now and she is incredible! Not only is she super professional, but she’s kind, caring, fun and extremely accommodating.

She tailors the lessons to your goals and uses really professional techniques to teach you while keeping the classes really fun. She’s helped me not just with my singing but also with anxiety and stress by helping me work on my breathing. My singing classes have become an essential part of routine now and I will continue for a long time.

Highly recommended!"
Mrinal V
"I‘ve been taking lessons with Leonie for a few years now. She is a wonderful teacher, our lesson is always one of my weekly highlights because it’s so much fun. Over the years I have learned a lot, for example, increasing my tonal clarity, how to pronounce vowels properly (and also as an expat how to pronounce Dutch words), as well as how to breathe correctly, which is very helpful in stressful situations. We practice songs from different genres, which always keeps things interesting.When I had issues with my throat for half a year and lost my voice, Leonie was incredible in helping me to make sure there was no damage and in getting it back, which I am very thankful for. It’s perfect that she also has the knowledge to support you in these situations.Overall, if you’re thinking of starting singing lessons, I cannot recommend Leonie enough. She’s of course also an amazing singer, so it’s like you’re getting a mini-concert when she shows you techniques or if you sing together, which is also fun!"
Ann Sophie Z.
"I have been taking singing lessons with Leonie for more than 4 years now. Next to being incredibly professional, resourceful and knowledgeable about her field, she is also a wonderful person to be around! The lessons are not only allowing me to make progress with my singing, they are also just really fun - we sing/ laugh out way through an appointment!"
Ilina Georgieva

Price list 2024

TRIAL LESSON                                                      

1 lesson of 30 minutes         € 30,00

LESSON CARDS                                                

10 lessons of 30 minutes    € 363,00

10 lessons of 45 minutes    € 544,50

10 lessons of 60 minutes    € 726,00


SINGLE LESSON                                       

1 lesson of 30 minutes         € 42,35

1 lesson of 45 minutes         € 60,50

1 lesson of 60 minutes         € 78,65 

For students under 21 years of age, 21% VAT is deducted from the above rates.

Frequently asked questions

How long does a singing lesson take?

You can choose the type of lesson that suits you best: 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

How often do I get lessons?

You will have classes every week or every other week.

Where do the lessons take place?

My singing studio is located in Bezuidenhout, The Hague. Online lessons are also possible.

When is there no class?

There are no classes during school vacations and public holidays. If I am sick or unable to attend, a class may be cancelled. This does not count as a lesson week for your lesson card.

Can I cancel a class?

If you are sick or unable to attend, you can cancel a class.

If you have classes every week, you can cancel twice free of charge.

If you have classes every other week, you can cancel once free of charge.

Make sure you cancel your lesson more than 24 hours in advance, otherwise the lesson will be charged.

How long is a lesson card valid?

Weekly lessons: 10 lessons, 12 consecutive lesson weeks valid.

Lessons every other week: 10 lessons, 22 consecutive lesson weeks valid.

Weeks in which the lesson falls on a school holiday, on a public holiday or the teacher is absent, do not count as a lesson week.

Do you go to your singing lesson with a cold?

With health complaints or doubts about your health, stay home. If you are fit enough to sing, the lesson can continue online.

When I have a cold, but am fit enough to teach, the lessons are held online.

Are there any other conditions?

  • A lesson card must be paid in full before the first lesson. 
  • Lesson cards that are unused or partially used will not be refunded.
  • Students under 21 years of age are obliged to give a copy of valid identification to the teacher.

More questions? Don't hesitate to contact me!